1. What is our service?
  Our service is a platform that allows users to upload and share their files online and earn income based on the number of downloads of those files.

2. How do I use this service?
  To use our service, you need to create a user account, upload the files you want to share, and promote those files to other users. Every time your files are downloaded by other users, you will earn income.

3. What do I need to do to receive payment?
  You need to reach the minimum payment threshold set before you can receive payment. Once you reach the minimum payment threshold, you can choose your preferred payment method, and we will process the payment according to the predetermined schedule.

4. How do I upload files?
  To upload files, you can log in to your user account and use the "Upload" feature available on the dashboard. Follow the provided instructions to securely and easily upload your files.

5. What types of files can be uploaded?
  We support various file types, including text documents, images, audio, video, and archive files. However, ensure that the files you upload comply with our service's policies and requirements.

6. How do I promote my files?
  You can promote your files through various channels, such as social media, blogs, or personal websites. Use the unique links provided by our service to direct users to your files. Additionally, you can leverage affiliate programs and partnerships to increase the reach and downloads of your files.

7. What income level can I expect?
  Income levels can vary depending on various factors, including the popularity of your files, the number of downloads, and the rates set. The more downloads you receive, the higher your potential earnings.

8. What are the privacy and data security policies?
  We respect user privacy and take necessary steps to protect their personal data. We will not share user information with third parties without permission, except where required by law.

9. Are there limitations on the file size that can be uploaded?
  We have certain limitations on the file size that can be uploaded. These limitations may vary depending on the type of account and subscription package you choose. Make sure to check the available guidelines and information to know the applicable file size limitations.

10. How do I contact our customer support team?
   To contact our customer support team, you can send a message through the "Contact Us" page or use the provided contact information on our website. We will strive to respond to your questions and issues as quickly as possible.

Please note that this FAQ is just an example and can be customized to fit the specific services and needs of your platform.


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